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He jizzbo stood there and looked at me, squinting i new he loved me, but I have chosen my way to the door and went home I feel like I got in bed taken from jizzbo my community and slip between the sheets only in my underwear i was very hard to read texts I have one, you never know, I think you're so sexy I need to lose, I'm hot as hell, walked a few minutes to reach at least the window and try something stupid, do not tell me not hot, Rember the other day, when they masturbate for me, no, no, jizzbo I would say that I am not well, my thoughts confused, often had sex twice a day and every night my lover really wants to fuck me to sleep, I wanted it, but the risk I wanted to be dirty and thought it was blackmail, he will say, I love the other day I do not, but if I can on it, I come to you, I said it was well come to the door is open, jumped out of bed and pulled the community and went to the kitchen to make coffie pushed thwash and that was on the floor next to the disk that came coffie hello sexy, he said he walked away from it if they chat for a moment looked down and discovered the fishnet stockings worn by the other night that spunk in mm it for a souvenir, no, I said the hand was weeping forcfully pulled me to him and kissed me i did not depart atempt better, I said again would have a kiss that dosent mean you treat me I said, look, like you told me you love me so you will not find a way to move me my sholders community and on the floor where I was just a couple of white panties frily in the kitchen of my lover, you liked it, my dick the other night when I was told I could not as he took off his shorts and shirt - would type and that sex with me again, gently hold the back of my neck, I have pushed him want me you suck that was so bad, but as he slid between my lips that II thought the kitchen would not be long until you cum, but ten minutes later was still trying to leave in my Thoth said to dress sexy take Theisen and put them as my stokings stained sperm delivered by the other night noded I went to my room and got into clean underwear stokings Basq black pvc inert stuffed my tail between my legs, which came into the room and stared tease you are a chicken shit, I said, raising to information in a velvet night our COTED cane tell by the bedside, this is your like me you demurly noded her head down on the bed, he said, face down, did what they told me not hit the ass hard but miserable for a few minutes, then he was beside me the jizzbo feeling of my hot ass I could feel his hand in my panties pulls them down, soon ontop of it was so hot its hard for me to start your manhood between my Waight butt i new pop-up urgently and holding in my arms and press MEHE and more in my ass hole i Buirewanted to leave my face in the Duvier and bit my lip and I BIGGG filled, but he had begun, and although it was a good pain, and growled grone for 20 minutes or less, saying that he was the best fuck I've had to I thought it was right I was always sore and I wanted to cum so she moved again, he moved and I was a sperm Streem came jizzbo into my ass again, there are many, many came to the front I was very happy came clear to me in my back, he said, wiping his cock in my mouth i dutfully this fact he then slipped into bed, I got up early to clean I said oh no we are, that was the beginning of a long night, final during sex, he fucked me fuck my mouth on my face Blobs his semen all over black silk sheets and a torn pair of underwear around an anchor expencive in the morning made ​​me suck him kissing me, and let I changed my sheets cleaned and washed, fills me with guilt, but it was not, Ja, my love came home, I miss him, and he's so good to me, we loved each other right of the window, I was very happy with what came quik that's good I jizzbo said it was jizzbo worth the wait, if I did only new dinner jizzbo and he wants to leave the club for a while, I jizzbo have a tex,,,, come jizzbo on,,,, I saw you do not fuck you bad girl, and let me do without it I have only an hour is the time jizzbo told me I had pleanty fast only in his underwear and wet cum secular one sitting next to my butt hole, he took me in his arms bent down and slid easily Noys slussy my ass was so turn into a place that was my lover aber, which soon added his cum, my love away now, I said I am bussy i walked back the way I felt completely stretched acculy wet panties a girl with thick soft have to make that night was only verbal for my love I think I would have made ​​a mess of the bed when I was growing cock in my Lucke arent i continued
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